When transporting goods, you need a strong latch for trucks to make sure that the things being moved and transported are being kept secure, without the risk of anything falling off. It's not enough with a sturdy door at the back but you also need to make sure that everything can handle the weight as well as the forces involved when moving heavy things from one place to another. Truck transport is the lifeblood of almost every country on earth, without the transport of goods you quickly end up with no resources for a lot of people, followed by chaos, increasing prices and uproar. Securing the goods isn't just about potential loss of money, so getting a good latch for trucks and strong bindings is especially important. A lot of people don't realize how delicate the modern world actually is, how easy it is for cities to fall into chaos and despair if transportion suddenly stopped. 

Securing the cargo

Regardless of how much you may want something, it wont matter much if the goods are damaged or destroyed, nor if the driver themselves can't get to you. So taking simple measures to ensure that the truck can hold whatever it needs to reduce the risk of accidents is always a wise choice. So with strong leather, rope, and latch for trucks you can secure things, so that it wont move and fall over nor break the truck cargo door. It's not something any company should skimp out on honestly.